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Hi, my name is Olga Maksymenko and I am life and career coach and inspirational speaker. I offer coaching programs that boost your confidence, self-esteem and help you feel ground under your feet.

I also help you find the job you’ll love, the job which will inspire you. There is a place in life where you can feel happy and fulfilled. My role is to help you get there.

You’ll get the following results:

A clear vision of professional and personal goals. Greater satisfaction from work and life in general. More energy, confidence and commitment to make desired changes to your life.


“Coaching is about making powerful changes to your life, one conversation at a time. It builds up your confidence and passion”

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I am currently based in Krakow, Poland. I do online coaching sessions with people all over the world.

I coach people who wish to build the lifestyle they truly want – to become aware of their potential, remove fears and limiting thoughts, and transform their lives according to their desires. If you want to change your job, plan your career, start your own business or achieve work and life balance, you’ll need energy and vision. As a coach, I provide support to make these changes happen.

Here’s the feedback from my client on her coaching results:

«I’m grateful to Olya for our first coaching session in 2014 that turned into a long friendship. She supported me throughout years and continues to do so during the times of war and immigration. Coaching sessions with Olya helped me reach my dream goal of studying abroad, get over a burnout from teaching and feel mentally supported while moving abroad. She is professional yet kind and sincere and has a big heart for people».

Iryna Ieroshko, photographer, artist

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I am also inspirational speaker. I share my insights from life and coaching experience in my podcasts. English podcast is coming up soon!

My coaching programs:

    • “Captivating beauty” (on raising confidence and self-esteem)
    • «Detox your mind, or 4 steps towards a happier life»
    • “Upgrate your career”

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