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Life and career coaching gives inspiration and vision for ambitious men and women who want to achieve professional success and maintain work and life balance. For those who want to realize their full potential and enjoy a lifestyle of their own.

The Results:

A clear vision of professional and personal goals. Greater satisfaction from work and life in general. More energy, confidence and commitment to make desired changes to your life.


Olga Maksymenko: “Coaching is about making powerful changes to clients’ lives, one conversation at a time. It builds up a person’s confidence and passion about life”

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Life and Career Coaching

Hi, my name is Olga Maksymenko and I am life and career coach and inspirational speaker. I offer coaching services to ambitious men and women who want to achieve professional success and enjoy personal and professional fulfillment.

My goal is to help you find the job you love, the job which will inspire you. Find your place to be, where you will feel happy and fulfilled. And to be most useful and efficient while supporting you on the way to achieve your goals.

I am based in Kyiv, Ukraine. I do coaching sessions face-to-face and via Skype with clients all over the world.

I coach people who wish to build the lifestyle they truly want – to become aware of their potential, remove fears and limiting thoughts, and transform their lives according to their desires. If you want to change your job, plan your career, start up your own business or achieve work and life balance, you need dedication, energy and vision. As a coach, I provide support to make these developments happen. During the intense coaching process you will discover and connect to the inner resources of yours, which will make desired changes possible. I focus on building strong connections (rapport) with each client – as this is truly a prerequisite for the success of the coaching.

Here is the feedback from my client on her coaching results:

«Thanks to the coaching process I got a brand new understanding of my goals, tasks and priorities. The elements of the puzzle found their way to fit one another. Specific ideas which came to my mind after each coaching session became those instruments which helped me navigate through those situations, which I could hardly deal with earlier. Now I am solving problems instead of avoiding them, consciously or subconsciously, as I used to do. In my opinion, this is a big victory – first of all, over myself, and it gave me an inspiring feeling of self-confidence. I trust myself much more now!»

Anastasia Pavlova, director on strategic planning, advertising agency, London

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I am also inspirational speaker. I share my invaluable coaching experience during corporate and public talks on career, inspiration, happiness and self-confidence. Will be happy to see you at my events!

My workshops, events and public talks:

  • NEW! “3 days of pleasure away from your corporate job in Krakow”
  • NEW! “Formula of change” in Croatia (summer 2021)
  • «Detox your mind, or 4 steps towards a happier life»
  • «How to manage your career successfully»
  • «Career – the roads we choose»
  • «Choosing a profession or lifestyle?» (for senior high school and undergraduate students)
  • «Career and personal development opportunities for youth»
  • «Efficient communication – do we hear each other?»
  • «Sources of energy for personal efficiency»
  • «Self-confidence and self-esteem»
  • «Emotions – our internal GPS»

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