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3 days of pleasure away from your corporate job

Join me for a 3-day inspirational trip to Krakow, Poland! You will meet interesting people, get new impressions and a lot of inspiration from this beautiful city and the places I love. Happy to share this time with you!

Krakow is the city that has been bringing a lot of happiness into my life. For a long time. It’s high time to share this inspriation with you!:) Let’s spend three days of pleasure here!

We will be living in the apartments downtown. I found options with a chimney, a balcony overlooking the city and … a piano – you choose! Wawel castle and Kazimierz Jewish district will be just a short walk away. On the first day we will kick off with an inspirational morning session at Villa Decius –  beautiful historic building of the 16h century in Wolia Justowska residential area.

We would then stroll along Vistula and Rudava rivers, enjoy walking along spacious Blonya (it’s a big meadow in the heart of the city and it’s prohibited to build anything there since the time of ancient kings). We would enjoy the nature and sit with a book by the river or at a riverside cafe. We will also learn some Polish, buy freshly baked bread in the bakery around the corner and enjoy our morning coffee at a cafe with two tables and a “1962” sign. In the evening we can move to an Italian restaurant “Portobello” (which totally reminds me of London) for aperol. Well, aperol and prosecco can be happily consumed in a cafe on the main square in Krakow, in any weather! We did check:) So it’s up to us to choose the location. We could continue the evening in the bars and clubs of Kazimierz, Jewish quarter famous for it’s vibrant night life. I also have the address of the best bar in the city which I got during my last trip:) Let’s check it out! It’s important to know the right places:)

Having long walks is a special joy in Krakow as you will be surrpounded by beauty. But let’s not forget about gastronomical pleasures:) We could treat ourselves to the best ice-cream in the city. It takes time to find the place, but it’s definitely worth it! Once you are there, do not limit yourself to jus one variety – try both pistaccio and raspberry one. Are you up for the best pizza or vegan lunch in the town? Just follow me:) We could also visit Lucyna who runs a super cozy family hotel for eight rooms. It has a small SPA and a salt room, where we could indulge ourselves into listening to classical music while relaxing and inhaling even more health. Having breakfast in her cozy garden with the swing is also the experience not to be missed! We would also visit Leonardo Da Vinci’s exhibition to see his painting “Dame with the ermine”. Our trip will be full of stories about amazing women – queen Yadwiga, Cecilia Gallerani and the owners of Villa Decius of it’s golden period – 19th century. Once I plunged into these stories I could much better understand why Villa Decius and Krakow attract me so much. I will be happy to share all these stories with you!

Victoria, who joined me for our first summer trip, told me: “I’ve experienced total rebirth during these three days”. I felt the same! It’s a happiness and a blessing to feel this way and share these feelings with you – my dear guests whom I am welcoming in Krakow. Pure love.

The price of the programme (300 euro) includes:

  • morning inspirational session “Formula of change” at Villa Decius and a tour around Villa (I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed the tour during our first trip!),
  • individual 50-minute coaching session on the topic of your interest (at the terrace with the view over park or at a rooftop cafe with a panoramic view of Wawel castle:),
  • Eataway dinner with Marta or Mira, the most popular cooks of www.eataway.com (Korean and Polish cuisine). They are like no other! I am proud to have met them and am happy you will join me this time!
  • inspirational tour around the city (I will show you my favourite places).

And of course you will have the time to enjoy the city on your own!


All year round

Note: We will choose accommodation according to our preferences. There are plenty of decent options with air b&b! Living in the downtown is always a good idea as it’s so close to major places of sightseeing. The city is compact, though, and public transportation is very convenient, so booking accommodation further from the city centre is also Ok.

To sign up for the trip write me at olga@lifestylist.com.ua, Facebook or WhatsApp (+38 095 197 11 22)!

Make sure you plan additional expenses for travel insurance, food, public transport and sightseeing.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Krakow soon!


Olga Maksymenko

Beautiful photos from our first trip:



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