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Avocado and career

“My career depends on … what I like to eat for breakfast?😋 Are you serious?” Yes, I am. I am well aware of what I am saying. As well as what I am eating:)

We dedicate a lot of time to our work, every day. We want it to be the one we love. We want meaning, interest and joy. And serving other people, of course. What do we do to find or create such a job? We try. We follow our interests, gain new experience and think: «Do I feel happy? Do I like it?» If the answer’s yes, we continue along the way. Well, you can eat what you are offered. Or you can choose carefully what you prefer.

What do you like to eat for breakfast?

I like avocado, sometimes omelet and coffee with toasts.

Let’s broaden the question now – what do you like in general?

I like eating avocado for breakfast, cream soups and eclairs (any time of the day😎), ballet, travelling to islands and helping people build meaningful career and be happy in what they do. And most importantly, help them raise their confidence and self-esteem!

As simple as that.

Now comes the most important question:

If you don’t have that much experience in understanding your wishes and doing what you want, do you really think that when you will need to undertake an important career (and not only) decision, you will easily be able to listen to what you want and do what you want most in your profession? I am not sure… My experience shows that this isn’t always the case.

So why don’t we practice choosing the right career path when enjoying your avocado for breakfast?😋

Seriously, with all care and love to what your soul wants.

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Bon appetit:)

Avocado lover and your LifeStylist😍😋

Olga Maksymenko


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