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Captivating beauty

«Captivating beauty» coaching programme is for you, if you want to raise your confidence and self-esteem. We will work on your self-worth and your ability to love yourself which are at the core of healthy and constructive relations with oneself and the people around you. You will create reliance and trust in your life – something you always wanted to feel. You will learn how to live a life of completeness, not emptiness. Especially during turbulent and uncertain times.

This programme is the result of two years of my work on this topic. I started it with creating “1oo days with the LifeStylist” marathon on self-confidence and self-esteem for my clients. At the same time I realised that these issues and especially the issue of self-worth was something I struggled with myself. The results of the marathon, both for myself and the participants, were very good. Yet I kept receiving many more requests from clients on this topic. And every single situation was unique.

So I created «Captivating beauty» – coaching programme that helps building your self-worth, confidence and self-esteem.

This programme is special. I feel very inspired when working with this particular topic. I myself have walked the way from low self-esteem and total disbelief in myself, coupled with numerous fears, towards confidence, calmness and trust. I was amazed to see how much beauty was inside me. I am amazed how much beauty there is inside the person I work with during individual sessions. As if you turn on the light in the dark room and see the beautiful furnishings. Just to realise that the creator of this beauty has an impeccable taste!

Want to be captivated by your beauty? Then this programme is for you.

“Captivating beauty” coaching programme is about self-worth and self-love. This is the basis of healthy, calm and constructive relationships with oneself and other people. It helps you create stable foundation in life, which you will always feel under your feet. The programme answers the question how to live a life of fullness, not emptiness, especially during turbulent and uncertain times.

The program includes:

1. Personalised approach tailored to your needs,

2. Nine coaching sessions during three months (50 minutes each),

3. Transform the root that forms the core of your confidence and self-esteem.

You will learn the difference beween feeling significant and the feeling of self-esteem. And which of these feelings does help to live, gives strength and energy and makes you a happier person. We will also talk about why the favorite image of women’s trainings “I am a queen” is not always the best picture to keep in mind:) Yes, yes, I suggest more curiosity and fun during our sessions:)

4. Capitalising on your individual talents, skills and resources.

You will become fully aware of your professional and personal achievements and valuable qualities. You will also build a balanced and trusted relationship with others. As a result, feedback about your talents and compliments about your beauty will not be surprising. You will accept them with grace, appreciation and love for yourself. You will also transform the negative attitude “If I quit my job, where I worked for so many years / start a business in a new field / move to a new country, then I’ll have to start everything from the very beginning!”

You will have to start from accepting the real you, and this is the coolest “have to” that you can imagine!

5. During the program you will also be learning how to be “here and now”.

I want to invite you to exerience the nowness, nourish it and become a real pro in exercising this skill 🙂 And surprise-surprise – as a result, you will see many things unseen before, when you were rushing ahead into the future.

6. ” Have to” and “want” – these two mighty words control and guide our lives.

“Have to” sometimes leads us to more fear and stress. Doing what you want is sometimes scary to follow, yet this is exactly the path that ultimately leads to calmness, less wrinkles (indeed!), and more pleasure in life. Doimg what you want can be perfectly combined with the need to be efficient and achieve success. During the program you focus on finding what you want. Moreover, you will finally start doing it – step by step – to create your new lifestyle. After that one can start setting SMART goals in your career development!

7. Detoxing your mind

(!) Very important – we will take the time to trasform those limiting beliefs that prevent you from living and enjoying your future lifestyle. This is priceless!

8. Lifestyle

We will also make all the steps necessary to ensure that you allow yourself  to live the lifestyle your heart wants.

We will investigate the instrument of job crafting, which is very effective in situations of uncertainty. During the program you will begin to bettwen understand your desires and which direction to take. It will allow you not so much to find a new job or lifestyle, but to create them.

You will learn how to allow the pace of change to be what it is, without constant desire to limit yourself to tight deadlines. Learning by doing, one step at a time – this is the approach I invite you to experiment with!

The program for increasing self-esteem and self-confidence “Captivating beauty” will allow you not only to say, feel and act in accordance with these words:

“I define my own value myself. My life is my own project”.

“Three months of work – isn’t it too much?” – you may ask. Not at all. If you start the program now, very soon you will be celebrating your new self! What could be better than times of change? Besides, on this road you will be accompanied by a qualified coach who knows what it’s like to be insecure, doubt your own value and underestimate yourself (Again, I’ve been there:) And most importantly, who has gone from minus to plus, from life in permanent doubts to confidence, calmness and beauty.

Important! This program is designed not only for women, but also for men. I faced many situations, when there was no professional development, the expected career growth did not occur in years, and many men gradually lost faith in themselves. This program helps to understand the reasons, and to achieve the desired career change by changing the behavior, attitude and improving certain skills.

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How to participate?

Text me at +38 095 197 11 22 in What’s App or Telegram. You can also drop me a line on Facebook or email at olga@lifestylist.com.ua. We will then set up the initial 30-min no fee introductory meeting online (my skype is lifestylist.com.ua).

How much does the coaching program cost?

Contact me for the latest price quote.

Write me on Facebook, olga@lifestylist.com.ua or call +38 095 197 11 22 (Viber, What’s up)!

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Best regards,

Olga Maksymenko


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