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China adventure

Traveling can help you advance your career. Here is a story how.

Several years ago I went to China for holidays. After I came, back, I got the best corporate job I‘ve ever had. On that trip I joined a group of people from my country whom I haven’t met before. We were looking for spiritual uplifting and new insights. We climbed 1000 steps at night to watch the sunrise in Taoist maintains, visited 14th century temples and practiced tai chi.

One evening we were looking for a place to eat after a hike in the mountains near Tsingtao. There was only one place at the sea shore and it was closed for some celebration. They were kind enough to let us in, though. We saw fireworks, cheerful crowd and a big fire. Then some guys from our group suggested they would do the fire walking. It was beautiful, risky and … absolutely spontaneous. Strangers became closer to us once we’ve shared experiences we both loved. That day is still carved in my memory.

Life simply happened to us during that trip – before we made any plans.

It was fun to be “here and now”. We got lost in the mountains twice, tried amazing food and beer and lost weight as we hiked a lot:) We didn’t do anything we didn’t want to. We even changed our initial plans and went to the Yellow sea instead of Shaolin monastery.

That trip has changed me.


I learnt to be myself.

I learnt to listen to what I want AND follow it – be it an evening walk, staying in my room when everyone’s partying or trying the exotic dish no one else wants to try.

After I came back, I realized that I needed to change jobs. I wanted it. And I knew which direction to take. China trip helped me to act, not just plan and desire.

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