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Coaching programmes

The Life Stylist coaching programmes I offer is a life-transforming experience.

We will start with the first introductory session and then, should you become a client, we will choose one of the programmes described below.

I offer the following coaching programmes:

Upgrade your career

This coaching programme is for you if you want career upgrade, further professional growth and achieving work & life balance. You can expect the following results: you will better understand your career goals and will build a plan to make them happen. If you consider changing occupation, you will get a clearer vision, elaborate specific plan and undertake first steps.

If you face career deadlock, you will find the answer to the question “Where I want to go next?”. You will also focus on transforming your fears, lack of confidence and procrastination. You will find what you love doing and will set a plan how to become successful. You will also learn how to manage turbulence which will inevitably occur when changing occupation or upgrading to a new level. As a result you will become the owner of your career success.

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Captivating beauty

This programme focuses on raising confidence and self-esteem.

You will learn the difference between self-importance and self-esteem and understand which feeling gives you ground, support and energy to live happier every day. If the lack of self-confidence is ruining your career, we will analyse your career path and will pack a «suitcase» of your skills, talents and experience which are indispensable at any career junction. If your lack of self-confidence is poisoning your private life, we will build a bridge to the real you – who wants to be loved and to participate in a great adventure called life together with people you care for. We will also focus on nurturing your courage and transforming your fears.

This is one of the programmes most dear to my heart. I know myself how it feels to be utterly unsure. Both my clients and myself, we took the journey from constant uncertainty, disillusions and negative feelings to building the life the way we want and with the people we want. Seeing a person change after this programme makes me feel much happier as a professional. So I am really looking forward to working with you!

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Takeoff. The new you

«I need to take off from the ground finally. Indulge in my own okayness, live life the way I want. Let myself life the wany I want. Do what I love doing. Act. Be» Do you recognise yourself?

• If you often hear other people saying: «What will you finally find a normal job, get down to business?»,
• If you are kind of happy in what you do, but sometimes you feel a bit «guilty» for not living life the way everyone else does,
• If you have a feeling that you «owe to your parents, society, friends»,
• If you know that you are OK, but you need to allow yourself to be fully you, and it doesn’t happen…

If you have these «if», «Take off. The new you» programme is for you!

Personality of public speaker

Are you afraid to speak in public and doubt that you can become a talented and inspiring speaker? This programme is for you if you constantly worry that you can attract and keep the attention of the audience by your personality and your content. If you constantly doubt that what you are sharing is valuable for the people who listen to you and are very anxious about every difficult question or critical remark. Working with me in this programme will also be useful for you if you are not sure of yourself, if deep in your heart you do think that you have a lot to share but… And these “buts” block any chances for your further development! This programme will also help you raise your confidence and trust in your value as a speaker and as a personality, unconditionally. Last but not least, it is also indispensable if your career upgrade means becoming a public figure.

Detox your mind – 4 steps towards a happier life

You will get rid of limiting thoughts, feel the joy of living and achieve your goals – these are three major results of «Detox your mind» programme.

This programme is for you, if you:
• constantly compare yourselves with others,
• feel that there is always not enough… money, happiness, contentment,
• are afraid of any changes and responsibility that comes with decisions,
• don’t trust yourself and life in general,
• care too much what other people say,
• always expect others to meet your expectations,
• are unsure of yourself as a professional although your qualifications and results speak for themselves etc.

As a result of the programme you will also trasform your fears, raise your self-confidence and learn how to handle your emotions as well as emotions of other people. These results are worth the effort!

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Dolce far niente for a careerist

This programme is for workaholics and achievers!:) You have a wonderful strength – ability to plan and achieve your goals. It’s worth learning that skill from you. At the same time you don’t plan time to pause a bit, exhale and enjoy life which is happening around. Quite often it’s simply … not on your priority list. «Dolce far niente for careerists» programme will help you get rid of the Procrustean bed of deadlines and plan to enjoy life while you build your career. You will find time for things you were dreaming about for years, but you had to study/focus on career/take care of the family.

You will be able to achieve goals that can’t be described as SMART (specific, measurable, attractive, result-oriented and time-bound). You will also learn how to work in a changing, unstable and complex environment. Another result of participation in this programme – you will create new efficient mindself for achieving your career and private goals – without overthinking the future and constant analysis of all existing options. You will learn how to relax, appreciate life around you AND concentrate on your important goals. As a result you will live a safer, more comfortable life and enjoy the lightness and pleasures of being!

Choosing profession as lifestyle

This programme is for you if you are a high school or University student and you don’t know which profession to choose or you are interested in so many professions that you can’t make your choice. What is a successful career? This is a type of professsional activity which has a lot of meaning and value for you. Or to put it simply – the activity that makes you happy. This coaching programme will help you choose such a profession.

As a result you will understand what you want to do in life, which profession to choose. You will also get rid of the stress that you «need to make your choice ASAP»! You will learn how to talk to your parents about your future studies and future job without conflict. Most improtantly, you will make an efficient plan and will start to act! You will learn more about your talents, skills and strengthes. We will also create a roadmap for you – we will analyse your lifestyle, define which professions can fit into it and will choose options for further education/your first job. One more extremely useful result of the programme – you will be able to do a 1-2 week internship, based on your interests.

Individual programmes

I also design individual programmes upon request. One of the recent examples was «Down and out in Paris and London» programme to help cope with emotional, professional and social adaptation after moving to a new country. Another example is helping my client enter the job market after a long break (maternity leave) – she also changed occupation. I also help people adapt to changing lifestyle when switching from corporate job to one’s own project (mindset, time management, fears, prosrastination, efficiency etc). These are just some of the examples.

Sign up for a intro session with me to learn more about individual programmes.

Introductory session

Contact me to book a 30-minute introductory session.

The aim of this meeting is to ask any questions you have and find out more about my work. I will also learn more about your situation and advise which coaching programmes will be most efficient for you.

What you can expect from Life Stylist coaching programmes:

The first step will be to explore your goals, who you are and what specifically you want from a particular coaching programme. We will also agree on the dates of the coaching sessions. We will meet regularly (usually once a week) to review your progress.

“I do recommend Olga’s coaching programmes for those who are looking for changes but are afraid of them and unsure of their skills and potential. Do not be afraid to have the career and lifestyle you want! It is inspiring and fulfilling like nothing else”

Victoria Kishchak, entrepreneur


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