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Send me an e-mail or call to discuss your needs and arrange your first coaching session. As a result, you will better understand how coaching works. You will also explore the issues you want to work on.

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Commitment to result

Working with the coach is an enriching and transforming experience. To get sustainable results I encourage my clients to commit to their goals and make their work with the coach a priority.

My own experience and that of my clients shows that it takes a number of coaching sessions before the first results bear fruit. Yet deep transformations are more than about changes in thinking. My clients are looking for more – they want lasting, sustainable changes in their behavior and the entire lifestyle.

During the coaching programme we will be managing the process of change and review your progress. As a coach I am also responsible for structuring our work in the way that best suits your needs and for the efficient use of your time during the coaching session.

International clients

I work with clients via Skype accross the globe (Czech Republic, Izrael, Montenegro, UK, USA, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine).  Taking into account the flexible schedule for my online coaching sessions, time difference is not a challenge:)

Please contact me for the latest fee information.