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«Detox your mind – 4 steps towards a happier life»

Is it enough to eat healthy, sleep well and drink a lot of water to detox your body? I don’t know. What I know for sure, though, is that any effort to improve your well-being should focus on getting rid of the toxic thoughts.

”Detox your mind” programme is for you, if you:

  • constantly compare yourselves with others,
  • feel that there is always not enough… money, happiness, contentment,
  • are afraid of any changes and responsibility that comes with decisions,
  • don’t trust yourself and life in general,
  • care too much what other people say,
  • always expect others to meet your expectations,
  • are unsure of yourself as a professional although your qualifications and results speak for themselves,
  • have goals and plans in place but no energy to implement them,
  • have good job, family, go in for sports, eat healthy, earn enough but still feel unhappy.

If that’s about you, don’t hesitate and write me an e-mail to sign up for the first coaching session!

”Detox your mind” programme will help you to

 GET RID OF the above said


BECOME more happy, joyful person who lives in harmony and enjoys life.


As a result you will:

  • Transform your negative thoughts,
  • Get rid of fear, self-pity and self-doubt and learn how to appreciate and support yourself,
  • Become an efficient communicator – you will better understand people and express yourself,
  • Handle your emotions better,
  • Raise your self-confidence and self-esteem.

These results will be a great foundation for your happier life!

”Detox your mind” programme includes:

1. Three months of working with the coach (weekly coaching sessions, 60 min each),

2. Individual approach towards your situation,

3. We will discover and trasform limiting thoughts which prevent you to be happy with your life, self-fulfilled and efficient.

4. You will improve your relations with people and how you communicate with them.

5. “How you make money is how you do everything in this life”. I heard this phrase from my coach and it made my day. And it continues to make my life much more fun and fulfilled. We will analyse how you deal with money, energy and resources in general and find ways for improvement!

6. Last but not least, we will focus on health, including emotional health. How well do you understand yourself, your feelings and the feelings of other people?

Here I put together health and emotions on purpose. Several years ago I lost 13 kg after an extreme 5-week diet. Did I become a happier person when the diet was over? No, no and no! Putting too much emphasis on shaping my body, I overlooked one important moment. My toxic thoughts and inability to handle my emotions were the biggest obstacles on the way to happiness!

You can feel OK about one of the above-mentioned spheres while others could demand more attention.

This is why the programme will be tailored individually for you.


If you are ready for a change,

“Detox your mind” programme WILL help you get rid of toxic limiting thoughts

that add up to your stress, prevent you from achieving what you want and enjoying life.

HOW can you take part in the programme?

E-mail me at olga@lifestylist.com.ua or call at +38 095 197 11 22 (Viber, What’s Up) to schedule a no obligation chemistry meeting.

Getting rid of the toxic thoughts is healing!


Olga Maksymenko


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