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Julia and her red car

Julia sent me an email at 2 a.m. It was 6 pages long and it was her story. I asked Julia to write it quite some time ago. Yet she resisted.

I invited her to ask herself:

  • What story about myself or other meaningful people in my life serves me?
  • What is the story of who I am?
  • What are the events and choices that illustrate what’s most important to me?

Finally, late in the evening before our last coaching session Julia sent me what was supposed to be a short summary. It took her 4 hours – from 10 p.m. till 2 a.m. – to write her story. And she felt inspired, accomplished and energized!

She wrote how she set herself goals and:

1) excelled in her exams at school,

2) got accepted to the University and

3) ran her first half-marathon.

She wrote how she found her first job in the newspaper and worked with a mentor to start a career in IT (she has a degree in journalism). She also wrote about her breakup and periods when she was lost. As I was reading Julia’s story, I kept admiring her more and more. We have been working for two months already, but how little did I know of that person!

I feel blessed that she shared her story with me. She said she felt stronger. So did I!

I feel blessed that it’s my job to inspire people to discover their strength.

I feel blessed that I am paid for this.

We did a good job during that confidence building coaching program. I felt both a bit sad (it was our last meeting) and accomplished, as Julia doesn’t need my services any more.

She re-wrote her CV, applied for more jobs in IT, put up with recruiters’ style of rarely answering requests or giving feedback (“Oh, well, what can you do?”), bought a red car (!) and went for a holiday to the mountains. She is doing well, that young lady with a story that swept me off my feet!

Now, give yourself the unprecedented amount of attention, too!

Take your time and write YOUR story.

Then find someone who will listen to it.

Then take your story on board and never question the beauty of it again.

Text me at +38 095 197 11 22 (WhatsApp) or e-mail at olga@lifestylist.com.ua to sign up for a no fee 30-minute intro session.

I will help you craft your own powerful story!

Olga Maksymenko

P.S. Quick update. Last night Yulia mesagd me that she accepted a job offer from the IT company she applied to. She read the email from her employer when climbing Hoverla (the highest peak in Ukraine).

Fun fact: Yulia’s new office overlooks the previous one:) She is now on the higher floor, though. “I am growing”, she said.

I feel happy.

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