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There are times when we decide to pursue something simply because we love doing it. And we don’t realise how much beauty this can create. Listen to the story about my letter to Reykjavik:

After the coaching session with Rune from Iceland I got very inspired when I heard him saying, “I might not like my job, but you know, I see aurora borealis when I leave my office in the evening”. He is anxious about the future. He decided to quit his law practice in 2 years, when he turns 50, and do something else.

We had a very deep and at the same time very reserved discussion. I felt it was tough for Rune to face some questions. “Will I be able to make enough money when I change occupation? What if I don’t like travel guide’s job?” Yet I had a strong feeling that apart from the coaching session I can give more value, more useful ideas and inspiration. And I wrote Rune a long email.

It turned out to be a great text for an article:) So I asked Rune if I could publish it. He said, “Surely! I am certain it will help a lot of people”.  This is how the first letter from my LETTERS project – “Northern lights” – was born. Three days later my client asked me: “Olya, I want a letter, too. Write me one as well”. I did. It was about handing our emotions. The third letter “Good year, or personal ineffectiveness” was a bonus for Tanya after the coaching session. Other topics include the development of personal brand, health, self-confidence and self-esteem, handling career crisis, relocation to a new country, choosing profession by a teenager, to name just a few. To date I have written more than 55 letters.

You can now order such a letter, too. I will write it personally for you on a topic of your interest.

Write me at olga@lifestylist.com.ua, message on Facebook or call +38 095 197 11 22 (Viber, What’s up).

Why should you be interested in this product? During coaching sessions I don’t use dictaphone, just take notes. Our conversations are rich in powerful ideas, images and insights. You feel like keeping them, saving them for yourself and re-reading them. Now you have the opportunity to get even more  value from our work by ordering a personalised LETTER!

In your letter you will find useful links to videos as well as inspiring and supporting articles and most importantly – my ideas and insights as to your particular situation.

You can also order a letter without working with me in a coaching session. For instance, “Business that doesn’t exist” is the letter I wrote before the coaching session with Maria. I read her email with brief description of the situation and blended it with my intuition, experience and feelings. Maria’s feedback was overwhelmingly positive. She wrote:

“Dear Olga, thank you for your letter. It was such a “magic kick” for me! It boosted confidence in my strengthes and the feeling that opportunities are numerous! It also urged me to act. I do want to implement those remaining 90% of my potential. And of course, I am still surprised how you managed to capture my feelings, thoughts and problems without knowing me personally. This is fantastic!”

After having written a letter to Maria I asked myself: “What would have happened if I hadn’t written that letter to Iceland? I would only be doing 10% of what I can do. I am writing this not because I want to boast, but because I know that I can do a lot of good and beautiful things while here. Maybe you are the person I could write the next letter for?

Here are the letters whose addresses agreed to publish them:

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Business that doesn’t exist >>

Good year or personal ineffectiveness >>

Northern lights >>

[This place is reserved for a letter to you:)]

More letters in Russian are available here >>

Enjoy reading!

I am looking forward to your enquiries!


Olga Maksymenko


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