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Mountain river

“Do you remember you asked me who I am? At the very beginning of our career coaching programme? – Yes. And who are you? – I am a mountain river. Fluid, dynamic, restless. Sometimes contradictory and impetuous, too. And I do demolish obstacles on my way:) This is my inner power. And it’s not wrong. It’s mine.

Mountain river is the image that expresses my inner power as a woman… I am not a lake, but a river. That’s who I am. It’s also true for my work – I like to create, to start new things, launch projects. Mountain river is about the beginning. I create the beginnings, in business as well. Mountain river is also about flexible working hours, being self-employed… Sounds my way, I like it!

You know, I am much happier with my job now. It gives me comfort and a sense of newness. And the opportunity to get prepared for the next step. I discovered my inner strength and I am not shy of it any more. I accepted it and set it free. I allow myself to be who I am”.

I had this conversation with amazing young woman who signed up for my «Captivating beauty» coaching programme.

I am so thankful to her. For her desire to change. For her beauty. And for my own personal insight during our conversation. I realised that I am… a lake. A mountain lake with crystal clear turquoise waters.

And who are YOU?

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