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Working with me is right for you, if you want to achieve the results you set for yourself. You want to get free from limiting thoughts, uncertainty and obstacles on the way towards achieving a lifestyle of your own. You are open to new ideas and are ready for challenges.

While working on yourself during the coaching sessions, you will gain the inner strength, a new perception and feeling of yourself, which make the long hoped-for changes happen.

My support during the coaching sessions will assist you to gain integrity and become a more purposeful person, to live with inspiration and passion.

You can expect the following results:

  • Clear vision of personal and professional goals
  • More satisfaction from work and life in general
  • More vitality and energy
  • More motivation, joy and self-confidence to change lifestyle the way you want.

The key themes I work with are helping people to:

  • Find the occupation and career path to their liking,
  • Grow professionally and
  • Enjoy balance between work and private life.

The key topics I work with as a coach are how to find the job to your liking, progress in your career and achieve work and life balance.


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More specifically, I work with such requests as:

1. How can I find an occupation to my liking? – You are asking yourself which professional path to take, what kind of job to look for, how to plan your further career. You want to change your job or occupation, but you are anxious to face the uncertainty – you are not sure where to start from, what specific steps to undertake etc.

2. How can I balance work and private life? How can I achieve this balance and maintain it? — You are successful in your profession, but you feel you need to better balance your work and private life, get more satisfaction from work and in general enjoy life more. You want to make sure that you are where you want to be, that this is your life, the life you desire. You also need to find sources of energy to make desired changes take place and move forward.

3. How should I further develop my own business, my career? — You are asking yourself about the meanings, values and goals at a certain point of your successful career. You want to have a more meaningful life, to have vision, to connect to your values. You need energy and self-confidence to move forward and achieve a lifestyle you desire.

These are just some topics I work with as a coach. Your fulfillment in professional and private life are closely related. The success in one sphere is a source of energy and inspiration for another etc. This is why I also deal with questions related to achieving and maintaining balance between private and professional self-actualisation.

There is this cliché – «work and life balance». To me there is no so much balance in it. As it implies that what you do as a professional is not really your life. My key task as a coach is to help you find occupation when working hard is not a burden, but a source of greater satisfaction and joy.

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