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Scarlet sails. A story about the job you love

The weather makes me feel like indulging in a good book. I wrap myself in a blanket and take Aleksandr Grin’s “Scarlet sails” off the shelf. The second chapter is full of surprises.

To me the story of Assol has always been about romantic love. Yet I see another reason to be inspired, for it is also the story of happiness … in a chosen profession. No, you didn’t mishear me. And it’s fascinating! Listen.

When a child, Grey (who would then sailed to Assol under the scarlet sails and they lived happily ever after) was found of reading and spent a lot of time in the library. Once he saw a painting above the door whose images immediately caught his attention. It depicted a clipper rising upon the crest of a huge wave. At that moment “all the implications of his soul, all the separate traits of his spirit and shades of secret impulses were brought together in a single powerful surge and … became an indomitable desire”.

This painting became to him “that necessary word in the conversation between the soul and life without which it is difficult to understand one’s self. The great sea was gradually finding a place within the small boy”. Grey decided to become the captain of the ship.

No other profession save this could so successfully fuse into a single whole all the treasures of life, while preserving inviolable the most delicate design of each separate joy. Danger, risk, the forces of nature, the light of a distant land, the wondrous unknown, effervescent love, blossoming in rendezvous and parting; the fascinating turmoil of encounters, faces, events; the endless variety of life”.

That’s a very precise and beautiful description. Though this moment of choice is not always as bright and clear-cut. Moreover, only a few us know who we wanted to be when a child. Yet if you manage to make friends with your dreams and wishes and set the goal – to find the passion in your life – the answer will come in due time. It took me several years (five, to be more precise) to discover it, learn how to trust my desires and start doing things. My way resembled a spiral, and it wasn’t easy at all. Some people will need more time, some less. This is OK. And maybe deep inside your soul you already know the answer, but you are not yet following this way. This is also Ok. And yet, why don’t you start moving in the direction of your happiness:)?

Look around. I am sure you know people who impress you. Not because they are goal-oriented and know what they want, but rather because of their integrity. Like Grey in „Scarlet sails”, they are so authentic and committed to what they do and want. Let their example inspire you!

The environment is important.

In a letter to his mother who was very much worried about her son, Grey wrote: „If you could only see as I do: look at things through my eyes. If you could only hear as I do: put a seashell to your ear – it carries the sound of an eternal wave; if you could only love as I do – everything, I would have found in your letter, besides love and a cheque, a smile.” His mother accepted Grey’s passion and supported him. Knowing that he is loved and his choice is respected, Grey would always find time to visit his parents’ home.

The support of the people whо mean a lot to you is important.

Grey put a lot of effort to become the confident captain of a three-masted clipper. He started as a ship boy and had to endure a lot. Indeed, when we judge from the outside, we don’t always see the challenges the person encounters with on the way to success. I bet it’s not easy to articulate the renumeration you expect to get or to convince your new client of the advantages of working with you. Maybe you can’t sleep at night because of the mere thought that at the age of 30/40/45 you decided to change occupation. Or you seriously think that „by your age you are obliged to be successful, wealthy and happy” and the feeling of failure poisons every day of your life. If that is the case, it’s vital for you not to give up. No matter that you are not sure what to start from, no matter that your ideas are not taken seriously yet – no matter what! Risk. Continue doing. Again and again.

Confidence and your ability to believe in yourself is important.

I would even say that this ingredient is the most important one in the „recipe” of success (if there is any at all).

In my work I do encounter with many people who lack support from their family and friends. It can be a moment when they launch a new project, leave prestigious but unloved job etc. The importance of support during this period can hardly be overestimated. During the coaching session we then look together for other sources of support in this situation. Guess what the most powerful source is? Exactly, it’s you youself. For many of us this seems quite surprising and unusual – being able to give support to oneself. Sometimes we even resist that at first:) But then we realise that responsibility fuels confidence and gives a very powerful feeling. And we gradually begin to enjoy the taste of living responsibly.  Or better to say – the taste of happiness, where responsibility is a very important ingredient.

These are the thoughts which came to my mind when I was reading „Scarlet sails”. Fairytales about love can be a true inspiration!:)

Last but not least.

To me «Scarlet sails» is also about self-sufficiency. It’s about fullness and the ability to sail under your own sails, follow your own way. When you do what you love doing, you do have the ship and the sails to sail to the person you love:) You also have more opportunities to share love and fulfill his/her dreams, when you fulfill your own ones.


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