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Starting a new life on Monday? Surely!

I am starting a new life on Monday”. I bet this phrase is quite familiar to you!:) Well, we all do try, and it mostly doesn’t work. Here is an easy and efficient way how you can make it happen. 

In his book “7 habits of highly effective people” Stephen Covey describes the obstacles that prevent us from living the life we want.

This is when we:

  • criticize,

  • complain,

  • compare,

  • compete and

  • contest.

In fact, he called it “emotional cancer” – ugh! Indeed, when we do this, the feeling is quite toxic. What is the remedy?

The first step is to become aware. Awareness is healing.

Observe yourself and realise when and how often you criticise, complain, compete etc. Only after this you will understand how many brilliant opportunities you lose every day simply because you choose to do it.

I suggest that you start small. Choose a day when you tell yourself: “Today I will do my best to observe my reactions and behaviour”. This could be Monday, why not?:)

One and a half years ago after one of the trainings I decided to do the same – to start a new life on Monday:) I was determined to observe myself – what I do, what I say and how I say it. I decided that very time when I complain, I would put a checkmark. Well, I came to the office that day and put a sheet of paper in front of me. From 9 a.m. till 10 a.m. I’ve had enough! That was a revelation… I looked at those numerous checkmarks on paper and… could not believe I was complaining about life THAT much! That was a tough thing to admit. At the same time, I felt something important happened. I was honest with myself. And honestly, I felt I was craving for a change.

It was a special day. I even remember the date – 25 March 2013. It was just after a heavy snowfall in Kyiv, when people were skateboarding on Andriivsky decent in the historic centre of the city, remember?:)

So, to begin with, please, observe your reactions, what you say and how often you do this. The key moment here – you begin to notice. You don’t analyse or assess, you are free from fears and hesitations. When you focus on the issue, you begin to better understand what is going on. And so, you have better chances to change the situation the way you want.

Even if you are swamped with work, you can at least begin to observe your reactions. This will give food for healing thoughts and energy for your soul, thirsty for change.

I wish you to have that special Monday when you realise something has changed for the better!


I call these sketches based on my coaching practice and life experience “coaching for daily life”.

«Coaching for daily life» is about simple thoughts, small steps towards a happier life.

I want to share with you efficient tools for changing your life, without necessarily working in the format of the coaching sessions. I do believe that this will help you better understand what coaching is about, and experience it’s fruitful results.

Coaching is a new and evloving profession in Ukraine and I do my best to explain how coaching works – first of all on the basis of my own coaching practice.

Good luck!

And remember, awareness is healing.

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