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“I learnt to appreciate myself so much more”

“I see amazing results in my inner strength. I also think bigger and work more productively!”

“I have found the job I was looking for. It is a new chapter in my life”

“As I got back to work after the summer school I was still under the influence of our conversation. I felt motivated and had a quite clear vision of the future, so I started to restructure the business management. I’ve shared a few thoughts from our session with my partner who turned out to be very supportive not just in the business-related issues but in my personal goals as well. We created a new system for the allocation of management tasks and started a minor „training programme“ for our future managers as well.

First results seem positive, I’ve already gained some extra time for my academic work, but of course we’re still in the middle of the process. It was clear for a long time that some changes need to be made, and I think our session was the trigger. You gave me a final push to actually start doing things. Thank you for that!”

László Szalai, Visegrad Summer School’2016 participant, Budapest, Hungary

“I came to Olga in a time of professional crisis. I’ve been working as assistant to top-managers for 8 years now. One day I realized that while taking care of others I completely forgot about myself. Olga is extremely sensitive coach, very pleasant person, and at the same time nothing slips out of her focus. She reacts swiftly to the smallest symptoms of crisis or discomfort. I am very grateful for the wonderful mornings that we spent together.

I am especially grateful for the following changes in my life that we’ve made together:

1. She brought me back to Myself. If you ever worked as assistant, you know what it means. You just don’t exist. Olga taught me to leave office at the end of the day saying: “It’s high time to take care of my private life now”.

2. She helped me to find myself beside my work. Now I understand very well who I am and enjoy every single day of my life. My life doesn’t equal my job anymore. Although I still work late sometimes, I know that this is 100% my decision and I will plunge into my private life as soon as I finish work (books, embroidery, friends, traveling etc). I know that I am my Home, Coffee, Book and Dress:-)

3. Thanks to Olga I’ve learnt to set my priorities and I became more confident and satisfied with my appearance. I even speak better now. Those are little things, but this is what makes me Myself.

4. Thanks to Olga I started a couple of my own projects. I took initiative to create thematic groups in our trade union and told my boss that I’m interested in visiting our regional offices. He welcomed my proactive approach.

5. Olga taught me Maturity. She taught me how to set my priorities. I can be diplomatic when I need and bitchy when I need (yes, you heard me correctly), make decisions and take responsibilities. There’s no other way if you want to be Yourself. So true.

I realise now what a happiness it is to be Myself. And also what a hard work it is! It’s so easy to lose yourself in work, information flow, family and various development opportunities. Olga is a captain who will navigate your life and career to the harbour of happiness and success. Thank you, Olga!!”

Maria, executive assistant at international organisation, 34 years

“There was a certain moment in my life when I realised that there was something that did not let me go ahead. Someone, I would say. Myself, to be certain. Both in my private and professional life I felt like I was facing obstacles whenever I tried to reveal my best skills and character. At the same time I could not understand how I should deal with this. So I was curious and happy to work with Olga and try coaching.

During the first session it was quite difficult for me to put into words what I actually wanted to achieve and I was a bit disappointed – as if I did not manage to complete the task. But during the following conversations it turned out that this IS actually my problem – I am eager to define the result in advance, well before it actually becomes possible. This is why situations of uncertainty paralised me – I was afraid of making any steps at all. But these are the kind of situations we face in life – you can’t predict everything!

Then the idea of trying “to enjoy the process” came in. It is so seemingly obvious and simple, but it proved to be very beneficial for me. After that coaching session each time I was facing a challenging situation I reminded myself of the “process”! It was like the green light which was saying that you can go ahead now, and after the crossing you will see what to do. And miraculously, I could deal well with recently unsolvable issues.

Thanks to the coaching process I got a brand new understanding of my goals, tasks and priorities. The elements of the puzzle found their way to fit one another. Specific ideas which came to my mind after each coaching session became those instruments which helped me navigate through those situations, which I could hardly deal with earlier. Now I am solving problems instead of avoiding them, consciously or subconsciously, as I used to do. In my opinion, this is a big victory – first of all, over myself, and it gave me an inspiring feeling of self-confidence. I trust myself much more now!
As development is a constant process, coaching is a great tool to keep it up. It reminds you of those most important things, helps to ask revealing questions and adjust activities to your goals. Last but not least, it gives pleasure from moving forward!”

Anastasia Pavlova, director on strategic planning, advertising agency, London

“I decided to work with Olya as I was in a difficult situation – should I move to work for my company’s headquarters in Europe or should I aim for more professional development in my home country? But how can I do this? I have a stable, well paid job, and most importantly, it gives me the opportunity to do sports regularly, play tennis and travel a lot. But the routine is so tiring…

We had 5 coaching sessions with Olya during 2 months, but I have a feeling that I lived at least several years in my mind. It took some time to realize what I wanted and also realize that… I already have it … My plan to work abroad did not bear any fruits, as I realized that except for a nice dream to live abroad it doesn’t have any foundation. Working with Olya helped me to focus on what I really want. I realized that I want to communicate with people, share my knowledge and experience and … that I do not have any real one.

Then I discovered that in fact I DO have a lot to share. I did some online research and to my surprise I came across many seminars and trainings which I could do better or differently. My confidence grew. I got inspired. I met several people who could give me advice and who already made their way and became who they wanted to. One meeting was a true miracle – I got an offer to do a training on the topic of my professional interest. Of course this is only the beginning, but I realised that this is realistic, and most importantly – VERY interesting! Of course, I am scared and of course there is still a long way ahead of me, but as Olya said and I always keep this phrase in my mind: „Treat it like decending the mounain when skiing. You like the adventure, don’t you?”

I know which direction to take now. It’s time to start doing it, and most important is – I have chosen my way.

I realised why people need a career coach. The answer to my question was on the surface, but the most difficult thing was to actually see it. Thank you, Olga!”

Nataliya M., financial controller

“It was revealing and extremely valuable to realise that my whole previous experience is not an obstacle, but an enormous asset for the development of my new business project. I face the future with more certainty now. I am grateful to Olga for her unexpected questions, which helped me to better understand myself”.

Aleksey M., lawyer, Kyiv

“I have to simply say THANK YOU to Olga. As a wonderful coach she found the right questions to ask me so that I would myself come to realize what needs to be done in my life for me to be happy. Through comfortable and easy conversation we managed to go through my desires and obstacles (or lack of thereof, as it turned out) on the way to their fulfillment. I enjoyed our quality time together and felt safe to explore my thoughts in supportive and non-judgmental environment. I am happy to admit that I have since put those thought into action and have had wonderful results in both personal and professional life. I do feel that coaching has played a big part in this journey. Journey to me being happy”.

Yuliana Baric, Zagreb

“Have you ever been at a standstill? When you’ve been thinking about the situation for thousand times, convincing yourself to start doing something, turn it into a constructive process and get free from loosing your energy and from the constant feeling of being stressed out? It reminds me of being sick, you know. You either wait until it hurts too much or you decide to start taking medicine immediately. I have chosen the second option. My decision was to meet with Olga for the first coaching session. Our communication was both interesting and intriguing for me, as Olga helped me to hear myself better. It’s cool when you hear how you sound: some things are ridiculous, to be honest, and some do resemble the echoes of your hidden potential, as if you hear your soul speaking out to you.

This is what I took home after our meeting:

1. Listen to what your soul wants. It is asking you to speak out. I could hear my soul and took notice of what it was reacting to with interest. It is very important to be able to hear yourself at all times.

2. Don’t be afraid to make at least one small exploratory step into the unknown. Do it as if it’s a game with no “consequences”.

I began to move forward in those spheres of my life where there was previously no progress. I even enjoy it now! The most important thing is to begin, come at least for the first coaching session!

Dear Olga, thank you very much for our meeting!”

Elena S., Kyiv

“The coaching session was a great opportunity to talk about myself with the person who knows how to listen and ask questions. Olga’s questions got straight to the point and sharpened my own vision of myself.

Don’t expect to learn the recipe of happiness, but be ready to listen to yourself and your emotions – they will tell you what the right way is.

Olga is very pleasant in dialogue, she creates an incredible atmosphere of comfort, which helped me to open up and better understand myself. I am grateful for this conducive, emphatic and sincere atmosphere and for the moments of revelation”.

Inna Markus, student, Kyiv

“I found myself at crossroads again – I was looking for a new job. It might seem that nothing extraordinary happened, but for me it was tough – I had to meet with my gremlins. And there were a lot of them. It turned out that I am a perfectionist and that this is a true desease. This came as a big surprise to me.

During the coaching session Olga helped me to reveal the most pressing issue. I allowed myself to make mistakes, to be wrong (pride) and could distance myself from my feeling of guilt (making mistakes is Ok). I also found it very helpful when I wrote down my achievements. I am pretty good!:)

Another issue was my feeling of responsibility. What does responsibility mean to me? I am ready to take on responsibility for myself, not only for others? It turned out that I am, I only need to act. THANK YOU for your help, Olya!”

Vladimir, economist, Kyiv

“Olya, you managed to find in me those instruments which helped dealing with complicated matters in my life which I myself helped to complicate. Our feelings and emotions often don’t give space for joy and gratitude for what we have. And the coaching session does help setting these two things apart and also setting priorities. I am grateful for the coaching sessions with you which became my fishing rod”.

Nataliya, accountant, Kyiv 

“At present moment we had three sessions with Olga. I am lucky to have the job I love. But at first I was confused because I felt that I didn’t deserve it. That it is “too good to be true”. I did not listen to positive feedback from my colleagues, I was only focused on negative remarks. Coaching sessions with Olya helped me to understand which of my thoughts were counterproductive. I could finally believe that my work comes easily for me because it is simply created for ME. I took a lot of small and big ideas from our sessions with Olya, which helped me in my work. Thanks a lot!”

Olga Gerashchenko, international trainer, Weleda AG, Germany

“Working with Olya helped me to see my situation from a different angle. I felt that Olya understood how I felt, and it was very reassuring. I came to the conclusion that what you think is significant and what you concentrate on, sometimes too much, can in fact be not that important. The result of this excessive concentration on a particular issue is that you get stuck and can’t move ahead. At the same time things you thought weren’t important at all can be exactly those resources that help you move forward.

After the coaching session I set myself specific goals and also got some non-obligatory homework. When I accomplished it (the task was to ask 5 different people about my 5 talents) I understood the idea behind it. I got a lot of energy to move ahead and felt much more confident!

I would like to THANK Olya for everything – for her love to people, for her sincere wish to help, for the atmosphere of trust and comfort. I am also most thankful for the constructive dialogue, for Olga’s skill to keep conversation focused in an effortless and natural way.

Olya, thank you for your time and for the insights! I realised that things are not as bad as they seemed to be, and this very reassuring!”

Olga, project manager, Kyiv

“I want to say big thank you to Olga! Professional development and further career development was the issue I focused on during the coaching session. Olga helped me to better understand the source of my anxiety and my desires. Thanks to Olga I managed to clearly define my fears and decide on efficient counter-actions. Olga did not only help me to regain self-confidence, I feel myself a happier person now.”

Alla Khrychikova, risk manager, Healthy and Safety Ltd., Kyiv

“Five years ago I was an ordinary English tutor and a busy mom of a 10-month toddler. I was struggling to manage my time efficiently balancing between my family duties and career. I believe a lot of working moms understand me. There was a constant uncertainty and a feeling that I was doing something wrong. That time Olga offered me a life – coaching session via Skype, and I tried it. In an hour and a half I had a clear vision what inner psychological barriers, hesitations and fears were bothering me as well as their roots. After a while I was able to build my time managing system, I learnt to prioritize and set short-term and long-term goals. Nowadays, I have a small language school and I also raise a six-year old daughter (my husband seems to be quite happy as well). What a wonderful feeling to achieve goals and to try new things. Thank you for inspiration, Olga!”

Victoria Kishchak, owner and founder of English language school, Mykolayiv, Ukraine

“I was sure that I would benefit from coaching and after working with Olga I can confirm this. I felt very comfortable during the coaching sessions, as Olga is very good at creating the atmosphere of trust and impartiality. It helped me a lot to get rid of the unnecessary “noise” in my thoughts and better understand which kind of job I am looking for and why. Another result of the coaching process is my growing sense of self-esteem! I am very much satisfied. I have found the job I was looking for. It is a new chapter in my life.”

Тatiana Bobrovnik, assistant to commercial director, Minsk

«I feel joy and more energy, and that’s just the beginning.

I always thought I could deal with everything myself – my life, things happening and my reactions to them. I always wanted to get to the bottom of things. Cause when you know the truth, the world is at your feet.

I was reading books on personal development, attended seminars on topics I was interested in – I was working on myself. As a result I accumulated a lot of knowledge and information. But I didn’t feel that I was getting close to what I wanted to find and understand about my life. I can’t tell there was no progress, but I didn’t feel satisfied with my efforts. My thoughts were in a turmoil and I was feeling anxious.

One day I came accross Olga’s article «The roads we choose». Something clicked and I sent her an email. We made arrangement for the first session. I’ve had four sessions so far and I already see the results. The long-awaited changes began to take place. I began to get to know and understand myself better. Sometimes during the sessions I have insights that literally make me speechless. Just one question asked, and the answers line up in my head and I am just in awe. How is that even possible? One question and so many insights!

Professional coach is the ophthalmologist of life. He cures short-sightedness and will never prescribe pink glasses. A coach is a person who helps to understand what happens in your life, eventhough you might not be especially happy with the truth you discover about yourself. At the same time during coaching sessions with Olga I began to see my strengths. My self-confidence and self-worth increased, and that’s exactly what I needed in order to make changes in my life possible.

I do continue to read personal development books, attend seminars and work on myself. The process of getting to know yourself and grow personally is infinite. The difference now is that I gain more and more instruments and become more aware of myself. I know how to deal with things that I discover about myself now, and that’s a big difference.

Thank you so much, Olga! I wish us to keep up the pace and spirit of change!»

Alyona Guseva, customer relations manager, trainer, Czech republic


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