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The gratitude wave

Until recently, I did not have any idea what gratitude really means. I am sure you know this exercise when you write down 10 things you are grateful for in your life. Well, I did write them down. I even had some revelations:) But I could truly feel it in my heart only a short time ago.

Being grateful for what you have doesn’t mean being content with little. It is a different feeling.

Gratitude is the opposite for in-sufficiency, dis-satisfaction or non-acceptance.

A friend of mine, who moved to another city and is happy there, is texting me. We share our news, including the color of blossoming amaryllises on our windowsills and make plans for the spring. I am grateful.

I am checking the Google Analytics account early in the morning – 4 visitors to my website already! They were reading articles in my blog and spent on average 8 minutes each (that’s a lot!) browsing my website. I feel good. People are interested in reading my texts. I am grateful.

A client of mine who couldn’t afford my services finally decides to make an appointment for the first coaching session. After the session she says: “Thank you very much. I am paying you this money with great pleasure”. To me her words mean: “The time I spent with you and the insights I received are valuable for me”. I am grateful.

A man I like a lot says: «There is consensus about many things in this world (“Oh, really?”, I am trying hard to hide the smile:). Same is for your beauty — it is unquestionable». I am grateful.

My sister calls me and says “I love you”. I love you too, sis. And I am grateful.

How did I tune in to this gratitude wave?

What did exactly happen that brought me back to this natural state of being grateful?

  • The fact that I found the job I love?
  • Тhe fact that from spring 2014 I have been telling myself: “Just make a small step forward every day, and you will lay the foundation, and then you will build the walls and the roof”?
  • The fact that I am much happier that years before, although I am only in the beginning of my journey?

Yes, I think so.

For the first time in a long time I don’t feel that benumbed pain because of doing not what I want to in my life. It’s gone.

And when there’s no pain, there is more light. As if you have finally cleaned the windows and can now see the beauty around.


When you are where you belong to, when you create yourself the way you want to, you begin to see life differently. You notice thousands of reasons to be grateful for every moment, every single day. You stop listening to “I am lacking this and that” song. Even if you earn less, you feel life in such abundance which you didn’t experience before. You are grateful for “no” and you are grateful for “yes”. You are grateful, grateful, grateful.

«The challenge is that I do not understand which direction to take».

«I can’t find my place in this life».

«I don’t see what the next step could be. Well, to be honest, I know it deep inside, but I forbid myself to do what I want».

«My mind is convincing my soul to stay away from what I want».

I hear these words quite often during the coaching sessions, and I am happy to help out when a person wants to change.

If you can’t decide to start a new project, change your job, do what you love, maybe it’s time … to be grateful for that as well?:) And then find something or someone who could help change the situation for the better and live in gratitude every single day.

You’ll see so many sources of happiness and reasons for gratitude along your journey, so much light, warmth and love that you wouldn’t want to choose anything else that this grateful state of mind. You will also regain strength to cope with challenges. You will preserce patience and self-confidence to make that 101st attempt to achieve what is so important to you, even if you don’t yet see the result.

Thank you for reading this post.

I am very happy, and

I. Am. Grateful.


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