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Upgrade your career

“I need change. I need career growth, new interesting tasks. I’d like to achieve more! Have time for both work and life. And maybe finally start my own project! Upgrade my career to a new level”. If one of these phrases is about you, this is how I can help:

I have developed «Upgrade your career» coaching programme to help you achieve the results you want. You can have career upgrade under any circumstances – my own experience and the results of my clients is the best proof. I invite you to invest your time in achieving desired career change now!

«Upgrade your career» coaching programme is for you if you:

  • Want to grow as a professional and build a meaningful successful career,
  • Need to better understand your career goals, where to go and why (is it important and valuable for you?),
  • Consider changing place of work or moving to a new field and you need a step-by-step plan how to make this career transition a success,
  • Feel that you are in a deadlock – your prestigious job does not make you happy any more, at the same time you don’t hear yourself well as to what’s next, you lack free time, your discontentment and the feeling that you are heading the wrong way is growing. «Where do I want to go?» – this is the question you need to find answer to, whilst handling obstacles such as fears, lack of confidence and procrastination,
  • Want to find what you love doing and be successful in it, and you need a plan how to handle turbulence, which will definitely happen during career transition,
  • Love what you do and where you are professionally but want to upgrade your corporate career, your business or your own project to a new level.

As a result, you will be managing your career and life in a more conscious way.

I offer two versions of «Upgrade your career and lifestyle programme» – BASIC and EXTENDED.

BASIC programme includes:

1. Two months of working with the coach (five coaching sessions, 50 min each),
2. Personalised approach tailored to your needs,
3. Analysis of your key career motivators,
4. Analysis of the five elements of the formula of professional success that work specifically for you,
5. A step-by-step plan to upgrade your career and achieve your career goals.

When buying EXTENDED programme, you will get all of the above plus:

6. Support between the coaching sessions (in messenger or by email),
7. Efficient instruments of career planning that address your specific needs,
8. Your individual plan to mitigate turbulence during career transition, so that fears, lack of self-confidence etc does not interfere with further development of your career,
9. You will also transform those limiting thoughts that prevent you from reaching your career objectives.

EXTENDED programme includes 9 sessions, 50 min each.

Here are some most frequently asked questions about «Upgrade your career» programme:

Which programme should I sign up for – BASIC or EXTENDED?

It depends. If it’s a specific question about your situation at work that you would like to work on, choose BASIC programme. If you are interested in further career development, feel dissatisfied with your professional development, think that you are in the wrong place, lack work & life balance, then choose EXTENDED programme.

How do I know in advance which programme to buy?

Simply give me a call at +38 095 197 11 22 (Viber, What’s App) or write to olga@lifestylist.com.ua to sign up for the 30-minute free initial session. It will help you understand which programme – BASIC or EXTENDED – better suits your needs.

Can EXTENDED programme be adapted to my specific situation?

Yes, it can. Once we meet for the first coaching session, I will be able to design an individual programme that suits your needs.

Will this programme be useful for me if my question is not only about career?

Yes, it will. My experience shows that approximately 50% of career related requests deal with broader topics – how to handle lack of confidence and fears, how to trust life, how to manage time more efficiently, how to better understand one’s own emotions and emotions of other people, how to communicate with people more efficiently etc. Working on these topics will have a very positive effect on all spheres of your life. We will adapt the content of «Upgrade your career» programme to address your priorities.

«Detoxing your mind» coaching programme could also be relevant for you!

I want to participate. What are my next steps?

Text me at +38 095 197 11 22 (Viber, WhatsApp) or send an email to olga@lifestylist.com.ua.

How much does «Upgrade your career» programme cost?

Please get in touch with me to receive an up-to-date price quote.

Write me on Facebook, email at olga@lifestylist.com.ua or call at +38 095 197 11 22 (Viber, WhatsApp) to sign up for no fee 30-minute initial session!

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