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Yoga for life

I’ve got an idea – let’s seek inspiration for our upcoming 7th week of the “100 days with the LifeStylist” marathon in… yoga practice.

To be honest, I had a strong temptation to stop in the middle of the marathon. I feel that my self-esteem has risen to 6-7 out of 10 points, and that’s not bad at all. I also feel I have much more respect to myself and more self-assurance.

Yet my coaching practice and everyday life gives so many insights and reveals so much beauty that I realise that I want to continue. Everyday, step by step I will do what is important for myself. And I will share my insights with you.

Here is what’s important in yoga:

1. Being content with what you have.

It’s NOT the same as being content with little. Contentment is about feeling the abundance in life. It is also about accepting other people the way they are, and accepting ourselves, even when we make mistakes.

I feel it is so important. It’s like the foundation that makes the whole building stay for years. And I will do my best to make this a part of my daily routine.

2. «Mauna» practice — being silent for one hour per day.

After a week in the silence and beauty of the mountains I could feel that big city produces far too many ideas, temptations, images and sounds – I just don’t need them all!

I don’t do this practice every day, but doing it several times a week is quite realistic. It is a great detox for your mind!

If you read, listen to music or surf online when you keep silence, the result won’t be as deep. This hour of complete silence and relaxed concentration, when you look at the world and the world looks at you, is indeed precious. So try it, please do.

You could go to the park and sit on the grass, barefoot. You could also jog, watch the sunset or look at the snowflakes falling from the sky.

Listen to the silence. Go with the flow.

3. Master your breath and nutrition.

I usually breath for about 5 minutes, every day, using one of yoga breathing techniques.

I especially like one of them:

Sit comfortably, with your back straight, close your eyes and imagine that you inhale the fragrance of the beautiful flower. As if you were listening to the aroma with your nose.

Did you notice how tenderly you were breathing:)?

Do this for 5 minutes.

Sometimes I inhale the aroma of the real flower. You could take your favourite one:)

So, let’s sum it up:

Be content. Be silent. Breathe.

That’s quite an interesting task for the week, isn’t it?:)

I like the saying that our body never lies. It’s true. And this is exactly what the body wants to do after yoga practice – be content, be silent and breathe.

So, shall we begin?

I wish you a lot of inspiration this week!

Tell me, how did you practice go? You are wecome to leave your comments below!


Olga Maksymenko

P.S. Morning coffee with the LifeStylist is back – you are cordially invited!


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