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You are not from here

“You are not from here”, J. told me. We were sitting in a café in downtown Kyiv. I was wearing red and I fell head over heels for him.

J. ruined all my stereotypes about his country (I had them, I admit). He was very handsome, well educated, producer, investor, spoke five languages (!) and could pilot a plane. Oh, and a musician!
I just started my coaching project back then. I was very enthusiastic, eager to build a sustainable practice and didn’t understand the role of marketing at all. I was sharing some ideas with J.
He listened and then said:
  • Come on, you are not from here.
  • What?
  • This is not your place to be. You need different environment. You would fit much better in the US or something.
Now that I look back at our conversation, I realize that he was right. As of today I have worked with clients all over the world – across cultures, geography and time zones. 70% of my coaching sessions were online long before any lockdown happened. Residing in one place (currently in Kyiv, Ukraine) I became the citizen of the world. And it’s an important part of who I am.
We all need someone honest to remind us of our strength, right? Someone who will tell us words that will show us who we are. And transform us deeply, as that phrase J. told me on a summer Kyiv day.

“You are not from here”.

These five words have become part of my story. It’s not about relocation to a different country that suits you more. To me it’s about the scale. It’s about “the sky’s the limit”. The reminder about GRAND steps I need to take to reach that grand goal of mine.

What is that goal?

I want to help as many people as I can on this planet to build confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.
And this goal makes me unstoppable.
Thank you, J.!
Now do give youself an unprecedented amount of attention, too. 

Do craft your own story.

Then find someone who will listen to it.
Then take this story on board and never question the beauty of it again.


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I will help you craft your own story!


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